time woke up in darkness : 2014


An investigation of time and form –

3 performers, 2 animators and 2 live musicians and the audience will meet in the evocative dark theatre space and together investigate of how we can experience time as something abstract and living, something that we can stretch, open and disappear into.

The concepts time, space and reality are explored through many elements which compose a multi perspective laboratory, that is simultaneously a live performance: A living creation of stop-motion-films with the audience as co-creator. The audience is a participant as they move through the space to explore and experience the work. The duration is 6 hours and each participant may stay for as long as they want to.

In 2015 Sarah, Sara, Michelle and Uri were awarded a prize for the project from Staten Kunstfonds Legatudvalg for Scenekunst.

Idea Michelle and Uri Kranot, Sara Topsøe-Jensen and Sarah John

Direction Sarah John

Design Betina Møller

Animation Michelle & Uri Kranot and Adrian Dexter

Performers Marieke Breyne, Cindy Rudel and Jakob Kirkegaard

Technician Jakob Kirkegaard

Live Sound Vektormusic: Kristoffer Jørgensen and Thomas Ahlmark


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