saskia falls : 2009


There is a room somewhere nowhere, a room with soft walls and bare lightbulbs. No windows, just one door and lots of random wooden chairs. Once inside, there is no reality other than Saskia, her slide projector and her whims with the rheostat.

 The audience hears Saskia’s story told with calculated uncertainty. Saskia, aka Emma Beech, tells of brief encounters in her travels, moments in her life. It is soon clear that Saskia is highly dysfunctional and she just gets odder in her trail of rambling segues.

 The show is 45 minutes trapped voluntarily in a soft-sided room with Saskia’s fragmented memories – yet the experience is wonderfully surreal, like being suspended in a light capsule. This unusual production will forever occupy a vivid corner of the memory.      (The Adelaide Advertiser)

Created by Emma Beech and Sarah John

Performer Emma Beech
Director, Designer & Text Sarah John
Composer  Duncan Campbell
Projection Design  Simone Mazengarb
Script Assistance Alan Grace
Set Construction Michelle Delaney


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