reFORMATION : 2017

photos: Bo Amstrup

500 years ago there was a revolution in the streets of Viborg, the Cathedral was stormed and churches torn down stone by stone – what beliefs would you tear a city down for? And what would you build in its place? An intimate and thought-provoking performance in Viborg’s Cathedral that asks: What does it take to make changes in culture? What are the changes we need to make? Why don’t we make them?

Co-directors Sara Topsøe & Sarah John

Performers & Co-creators Anne Sofie Thomsen, Sara Skei Fostvedt, Maria Flora Andersen, Kimberly Billing Mortensen, Laura Hagen Aagaard, Amalie Ulla Pontoppidan Witt, Mia Juhl, Anne Smith, Simone Gottbrecht Pedersen og Josefine Aavild Ragn.

Produced by Carte Blanche.