lyshus : 2017

photos: Christoffer Brekne

The universe is in us as we are in it. It’s breath is our breath. It’s goal is our goal. We hold within us all of it’s mysteries. And we are a part of it everywhere.                 Maurice Maeterlinck

Lyshus is a kind of laboratory. It’s a place to to disappear into, to reflect, to wonder. The audience is free to experience the room as they like: to find a place to sit back and watch or to wander about and explore. This is an immersive performance installation made up of poetic games, stories and images that celebrate the universe and everything we know nothing about.

Concept and Direction Sarah John

Co-Created and Performed by Anne Sofie Thomsen (DK), Juraj Bako (SK), Julia Stina Schmidt (DE), Zietra Møller (DK), Sonya Mitova (BUL), Raphaël Janvier (FR),
Lennart Ellegaard (DK)

Scenography Sarah John and Alberte Hustet Larsen

Sound Lennart Ellegaard and Raphaël Janvier

Technician Karsten Nisbeth

Produced by Carte Blanche as a part of the Pop-Up Kulturhus, which was in turn a part of Aarhus 2017 : European Capital of Culture.