lighthouse lounge

Lighthouse Lounge was a 3 day intensive mini-project which occurred once a month for 8 months, as a part of The Lab : Carte Blanche. During the first two and a half days a collective of 6-12 young artists worked together around a particular theme to build an immersive ‘lounge’. On the final evening this lounge, accompanied by music and warm tea, was open to other young people.

This process wa an investigation of three inter-related questions:

– How can we make a space for young people to hang out and be together in new or different ways?

– How can we work collectively? That is, as a whole which is ‘greater than’ its many great and diverse parts?

– How can we make space for young people to make and share their artistic work?

Concept & Project Leader Sarah John

Artistic Leaders Sarah John (#1,4,6&7), Avon Basheda (#2), Rebecca Caputo (#3) & Sigrid Moses-Jacobsen (#8)