light & dark : 2016

photos: Bo Amstrup

An immersive room for reflection inhabited by 2 performers that explores light, dark and the human ability to see what we can’t see.

In this room, you are a participant as you move about and explore or find a quiet place to sit. Around you a collection of small scenes, poetic images and stories patchwork into each other, inviting you to question how we see the world and how we might hold all the things we cannot see, know or understand. The piece runs for 6 hours and it is possible to stay as long (or little) as you want.

This is a space to experience, slow down, be quiet and wonder.

Concept, Direction & Design Sarah John

Creators & Performers Sarah John & Jean-Marie Oriot

Technicians Karsten Nisbeth & Jonas Wulff

Production & Co-ordination Simone Didrichson

Sound Vektormusik

Produced by Carte Blanche for Kuturmødet, Mors