inde i natten : 2012

Stars are created when clouds of dust particles and gas clump together and collapse in one themselves. As they collapse, the molecules compress together to form helium and hydrogen. when gravity pushes them together with enough force, nuclear fission begins within the core of the star. This process continues until all of the fuel is burnt up.

When a star reaches the end of its life, it explodes and sends particles out into the atmosphere. The particles that make up everything in this world were created inside the first star that exploded 14 billion years ago.

Look at your hand, it was once a star.

Across the darkness, a cardboard cave. Inside a gathering of silent stories. Bits of human spirit that somehow got away caught in the full arms of night.

Peer into windows, visit a miniature cinema and hold the universe in the palm of your hand.


Created & Performed by Sarah John

Video & Techical Design Kim Glud
Animation Kirsten Grann

Presented by Carte Blanche

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