between us : 2012


Could it be that what is missing holds us together?

BETWEEN US is an immersive experience that wraps itself around you like a soft bright scarf and gently draws you into another world. A puzzle-like village. A story made of air. A journey to find what is missing. A collective celebration.

Visit our village and meet the inhabitants: 43 dancers, actors, musicians and artists. Walking through this sensorial world, you are invited to join the game. Created in 4 different countries over 2 years, BETWEEN US is a joyous, poetic search for the space between us.

Artistic Director Enrique Vargas

Directors Benoit Gasnier & Julie Sellier (FR), Barbara Pia Jenic (SLO), Jean-Marie Oriot & Inge Van Gestel (BE) and Sarah John (DK)

Scenography Jean-Marie Oriot

Costumes Betina Moeller

Technical Direction Gabriel Eduardo Hernandez Ladino

Idea Inge Van Gestel

Created with and performed by Audrey Apers, Katrine Bøtker Laursen, Marieke Breyne, Veronika Brinjšek, Lucille Carlotti, Nace Klemenčič, Maruša Čot, Elvira Crois, Aranka De Vries, Margaux Desailly, Lea Filipovič, Benoît Gasnier, Gabriel Eduardo Hernadez Ladino, Julie Houbart, Alberte Husted Larsen, Simon Janssen, Raphaël Janvier, Barbara Pia Jenič, Sarah John, Urška Klajn, Irma Leroy, Katrine Lundorff, Jonathan Mallard, Amalie Middelboe Andersen, Sigrid Cecilie Moses-Jacobsen, Betina Moeller, Amalie Munkgaard Olesen, Jean-Marie Oriot, William Petipas, Valentina Plaskan, Anja Prusnik, Pierre Riaux-Terrasson, Rebecca Rosseel, Ariane Sartor, Julie Seiller, Lore Soons, Olivia Thomsen, Nina Tind Jensen, Vitomil Bulc Trtnik, Eline Van Coillie, Chris van der Weide, Inge Van Gestel, Liv Vesterskov, Laetitia Viveret.

Presented by De Warande (BE), Carte Blanche (DK), Theatre L’Envers (FR) & Sensorium (SLO).


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