Sarah makes immersive performances and installations. She is from Adelaide, Australia but lives in Denmark. She works regularly with Carte Blanche.

After graduating from Adelaide Centre for the Arts, Sarah worked as a theatre director and designer with companies such as Belvoir, Sydney Theatre Company, Vitalstatistix, Malthouse, Australian Broadcasting Commission, Adelaide Centre for the Arts. She was also co-artistic director of the indie company floogle.

Since 2012, Sarah has been based in Denmark where she has worked on over 20 projects including directing Time Woke Up in Darkness a cross platform, live-art laboratory that received an award for artistic innovation from the Danish Arts Council; and co-directing Phoenix a performative journey which won an award for excellence from the Arts Council. In Europe, she has worked with Carte Blanche (DK), Wunderland (DK), Teatro de los Sentidos (SP), Theatre du Soleil (FR), Theatre L’Envers (FR) and Planeta 15 (SP). Recently she lead The Lab a 2 year program of workshops, projects, performances and events that make up Carte Blanche’s contribution to Aarhus 2017: European Cultural Capital. She is part of the INHEPI Network, an international collective of artists interested in interrogating the poetics of participation in art.

Sarah enjoys working collaboratively, across many forms, on projects that dive into big questions. She is particularly interested in invisible things and how to listen to what is hidden beneath, between and within everyday reality.





































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